Winter SWAP

SWAP stands for Sewing With a Plan and is basically a capsule wardrobe.  I have tried to do a SWAP in the past but, due to poor choices, have never seen the plan through.  The first time, I used a color combination that I never wear.  I got it in my head that as a 35 year old woman, I needed to move away from an all black wardrobe.  Why, oh why did I choose brown?  The second time, I chose patterns that were unflattering.  No, mid-30s fashions are not my friend.

This time around, I am going to use fabrics from my stash and TnT patterns.  I looked through my stash and found that I have unconsciously bought fabrics in white, pink and black.  The solid white, white and pink pin dots and plaid fabrics are all flannel.  The top fabric is the rayon jersey that I used for my Jalie sweetheart top.  I am going to consider that top as part of the SWAP.  On top, is New Look 6808, my favorite modern top pattern.  I already know this pattern looks great with a long sleeve and in flannel.  I haven’t decided if this is the only pattern I’ll be using.  I haven’t decided on bottom garments, yet.

About andreahg

I'm a stay-at-home wife and mom to two boys, a cat and two rough collies. I love to sew and knit with vintage patterns, primarly from the WWII era.
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2 Responses to Winter SWAP

  1. Love your swap ideas.. Look forward to seeing what you make. Happy sewing, and Happy new year.

  2. prttynpnk says:

    I love that pattern, such a flattering fit and so versatile!

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