MMM 2013 Days 23-27

I’m glad MMM is nearly over.  I just am not feeling the project this year.  I think part of that has been the cool weather.  The Washington DC area generally doesn’t have a long Spring.  We are usually in the upper 80s, lower 90sF by this time of year.  I just don’t have lots of transitional clothing.

Day 23 is a dress I haven’t worn since I blogged it.  This is basically it’s last chance to keep a place in my wardrobe.  I think it’s going to leave.

MMM 2013 day 23

Day 24 is another McCall faux bolero knit top.


MMM 2013 Day 24

Day 25 is my trusty 40s jumper and Simplicity 4928 blouse

MMM 2013 Day 25

Day 26 is my only repeat so far, my Great Gatsby Sewing Challenge dress.

MMM 2013 Day 26

Day 27 is my jumper and a Smooth Sailing blouse.

MMM 2013 Day 27




About andreahg

I'm a stay-at-home wife and mom to two boys, a cat and two rough collies. I love to sew and knit with vintage patterns, primarly from the WWII era.
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4 Responses to MMM 2013 Days 23-27

  1. Lyndle says:

    Thanks for posting! I actually think days 23 and 24 are both very nice. I’d say reconsider the dress (unless it’s uncomfortable, noone who sews needs to wear uncomfy clothes!)

  2. Nessa says:

    I love that first dress on you. Look at that waist! it’s a great style on you, I hope you can find some wear out of it this year.

  3. natalie says:

    I love love love day 23 the most-ist! Polka dots peplum , put together,fun,chic

  4. Lynn says:

    I just found your blog via the comments at Pretty Grievances. I would love to know more about the day 23 dress. What pattern did you use?

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