MMM 2013 Days 14-19

I cheated this week.  On Friday, I stayed in my RTW dogwalking clothes all day and I forgot to take a picture on my outfit on Saturday.

Day 14 was pretty cool, so I wanted to wear my first St. James handknit pullover one last time.

MMM 2013 day 14

Day 15 is my beloved 1940s jumper/pinafore.  When I made it, the denim was DARK blue.  It might be time to make a new one.


MMM 2013 Day 15

Day 16 is McCalls 6284

MMM 2013 Day 16

Day 19 is a 1950s Simplicity 3264 with a collar from a 60s blouse pattern.

MMM 2013 Day 19





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MMM 2013 days 11, 12, 13

Day 11 was my suspender skirt and Smooth Sailing blouse, from  This is one of my favorite outfits.  I think I need to make more of each of these.

MMM 2013 day 11

Day 12 is a New Look 6808 top and Torrid capris.


MMM 2013 day 12

I kinda feel like day 13 is a cheat.  It’s a refashioned tee, so it’s not really me-made, but sometimes you just want t-shirt and jeans.


MMM 2013 day 13




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MMM day 10/ Great Gatsby Sewing Challenge

Today’s MMM outfit requires a post of it’s own because it’s also for the Great Gatsby Sewing Challenge.

I had originally muslined and planned a different dress but I got tired of waiting for the fabric I ordered.  I decided to try something that I could make from stash fabric.  Since I normally sew 40’s and 50s garments, most of my stash fabric is stiff cottons.  However, I do love sewing with knits.  This dress is made from a rayon blend jersey that I had originally planned for another Tiramisu dress.

Because I wanted to get right to it, rather than fussing with muslins, I decided to use the Jalie scarf collar top as the base of my dress, then add style elements from Pictorial Review 3313 to give it a 20s feel.  Yes, it is more fitted than a 20s dress normally would be, but I think more flattering.

It only required 2 major changes from the original Jalie top, which I’ve made before so my pattern already fit me.  I lengthened the top to a mid-calf length, then added the add front-only peplum from the Pictorial Review.  I have seen several patterns with this strange peplum but I’m not sure I like it.  If I make this again, I will add a front AND a back so it is more of a tier.

Great Gatsby Sewing Challenge dress

Pictorial Review 3313


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MMM2013 days 7, 8, 9

Sorry about the bad cellphone pic but day 7 was rainy and I still haven’t found a good place to set up my camera.   I’m wearing my 40s jumper/pinafore and a 40s Dubarry blouse that I haven’t blogged, as well as the knit Greta turban that also hasn’t been blogged.

MMM2013 Day 7

Day 8 is my Tiramisu dress.  After further testdriving, I think Tiramisu makes me look thicker through the middle than I am.  I’ve been on the fence about making more.  After looking at this picture, I think I shouldn’t.

MMM 2013 Day8

Day 9 is Macaroon by Colette Patterns.  I love these dress and the pattern fits like a dream.  I don’t know why I haven’t made more.  I really should.

MMM 2013 Day 9



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MMM2013 days 2-6

I originally meant for each post to have only 3-4 days but yesterday was Greek Orthodox Easter and I didn’t have time to post.

MMM2013 Day 2

MMM2013 Day 3


MMM2013 Day 4

MMM2013 Day 5


MMM2013 Day 6


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MMM2013 Day 1

Welcome to Me-Made-May.  My plan is to do once or twice a week posts with a few pictures rather than every day posts with a single outfit.  In past Me-Made challenges, the posts were more of a challenge than wearing me-made outfits.  So, here’s today’s outfit:

MMM day 1

I’ve also been doing some thinking and planning about the Great Gatsby Challenge.  While I do have a couple vintage patterns, I get very nervous handling the paper.  I normally don’t have that problem with vintage patterns but these are so old that they are very brittle.  I have started thinking that it might be better to adapt a modern pattern to a 20s look.  My favorite pattern, New Look 6808, offers a view that has a 20s feel.  I think all I’d need to do is add a skirt to view E. Could this pass?


NL 6808


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The Great Gatsby Sewing Challenge

It seems that I am late to the party, but Miss Crayola Creepy has issued The Great Gatsby Challenge (  I have always loved 1920s fashion but didn’t think it would suit my figure.  Over the years, I’ve gathered a small collection of silent movie star photos showing more fitted styles.  Perhaps they only wore tight dresses in the movies, but it gives the impression that 20s styles can be made to fit a shapely figure.  The challenge ends on May 31, which is plenty of time to make a dress.

Here are the current choices:

Gatsby Challenge choices

I’m not as familiar with the evolution of 20s fashions but I think the McCall pattern is older than the Butterick pattern.  I’m leaning toward the McCall, because I can picture more easily how to make it fitted by adding a couple vertical darts on the front and back.  However, I LOVE the collar on the Butterick dress.  I think I’ll muslin the McCall first and see what a couple darts can do.

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Simplicity 1609

Today’s project is totally out of my comfort zone.  I really like the late 60s mod styles but haven’t tried making a mod dress until this one.  I’m not sure mod is me.  Since Simplicity 1609 is a new print from the Spring 2013 collection, I did an extensive review.  Here it is:

Pattern Description: Misses’ sleeveless, modern 1960’s A-line dress has center font seam, fitting darts and back zipper. Choose scalloped collar, neck bow or round neckline. 2 Main pattern pieces. Simplicity Jiffy sewing pattern.

Pattern Sizing: 6-22

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it? I made a few style changes, so no.

Were the instructions easy to follow? Very easy!

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?
I love the mod styling and the “Jiffy” quick to assemble factor.
Fabric Used: cotton/linen blend from my local Hancock.

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made: Where to begin?!?! The most important thing to note about this pattern is lack of above the waist alteration lines. Because of the odd, yet correct to the period, vertical dart, altering this for the petite or high-waisted figure is NOT easy. An half inch tuck above the waist completely distorted the drape of the dress around the dart. I also did a sloping shoulder adjustment that made the neckline sit funny. I reverted back to the original shoulder seams in the final garment. As is typical for me with modern patterns, I cut a size 20 for the shoulders/neckline area, then 22 at the side, plus a 1 in FBA. Because this is a reprint I omitted a petite adjustment between the bust point and shoulders but I that this is something I should have done. There is a lot of extra fabric right under my shoulders that billowes unattractively if I’m not standing very straight. I made two style changes: added a TnT cap sleeve and rounded out the collar on view A.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others? I think this would be cute on a tall figure, whether full or slim figured or on a very slim average figure. Because of the oddly shaped dart that goes from hip to bust-point, I would not recommend this for anyone who needs an above the waist petite-
or long-waisted adjustment.

Conclusion: I’m quite disappointed with this pattern. I avoid actual vintage patterns from this period because that funky dart is very common in those dresses. I was hoping that a modern reprint would have above the waist adjustment recommendations/lines, ect. I’m also unhappy with the above-the-shoulder fit. When I can find them, 44in bust vintage patterns fit me right out of the envelope. This dress does not fit me like a vintage pattern usually does. I also think that this dress looks a little like maternity on me, which I should have expected. I know more fitted styles suit my figure but I wanted to try something out of my comfort zone.

simplicity 1609

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EvaDress 3322

Today’s FO is, overalls/dungarees.  This is my second time making the overalls, but I have also made a couple pair of trousers from this pattern.  My first pair of overalls were well-loved but not perfect.  I used a heavyweight denim that nearly defeated my Pfaff.  Most of the sewing was fine, but the buttonholes were in rough shape.  Every time I machinewashed them, the buttonholes frayed very badly.

This time, I used a mid-light weight.  I also decided to use a zip for the closure.  Not only does this eliminate the possibility of frayed buttonholes but makes dressing and undressing much easier.  I also added 0.5 inch to the side seams because this denim is 100% cotton with no lycra.  After looking at pictures of my first pair, I decided to raise the waistline an inch, but I think a half inch would have been better.  I think the straps are too far apart.  I should have put them on and marked the bib buttonholes rather than just putting them in the far corners.  Even with the few mistakes, I love them.  I think I love them even more than my first pair because this fabric is a little softer and easier on the skin.

Evadress overalls

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Me-Made-May 2013

Zoey, from, has thrown down the gauntlet again.  I am joining the Me-Made-May challenge again.  While the Me-Made part isn’t that big a challenge any more, I am, once again, using a challenge to encourage my blogging.  I lost my job at the fabric store, but can’t seem to get back in the habit of sewing and blogging at my before-job pace.  Also, I like to use these Me-Made challenges to evaluate my wardrobe, what am I wearing frequently, which new patterns suit me and should be made again, which new patterns/garments don’t work for me.  So, here goes!

‘I, Andrea of sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’13. I endeavour to wear only handmade clothing each day for the duration of May 2013, with the exception of underwear and legwear/socks.




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