Hollywood 1346

Before the FO, I have a bit of news I wanted to share.  After over 13 years of being a full time stay-at-home mom, I got a job.  Not only will I be enjoying some adult interaction and a bit of extra income, the job is at a fabric shop, so I have the added enjoying of spending my days with fabric and other sewists.  I don’t know how this will affect my sewing, but since the manager prefers that we wear handmade clothing to work, it might slow down but won’t stop.

On to today’s FO.  This is Hollywood 1346.  I couldn’t find a copyright date, but it feels like a true Wartime design to me.  The skirt is quite slim and there is no puff to the sleeve.  In the past, I haven’t had much luck with ration-era designs.  This is the closest I’ve come to a winner, but it’s still not right.  I started off by flaring each skirt gore, as I know the slim skirt won’t suit me.  The mistake I made was in grading the bodice.  My original pattern is a vintage size 16.  I couldn’t figure out how to grade the bodice without changing the neckline yoke, so I ended up making that bigger, too.  As a result, the dress is too big in the upperchest area.  It looks much better in the pictures than I feel wearing it, so I think I will have a go at fixing that issue.

Here’s a closeup of the fun Marvel comics print


About andreahg

I'm a stay-at-home wife and mom to two boys, a cat and two rough collies. I love to sew and knit with vintage patterns, primarly from the WWII era.
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11 Responses to Hollywood 1346

  1. keisha says:

    very cute fabric and dress!! congrats on ur new job, i hope you love it!!

  2. Gail Ann Thompson says:

    You will, most certainly, be an inspiration to the customers in the shop where you will be working. I predict, it won’t be many weeks before you will be teaching classes on pattern grading. Good for you

  3. Linda T says:

    I have that same pattern, but haven’t made it. it was high on the list once and somehow fell from the top. I love the fabric you chose! Enjoy that new job!

  4. Sandra says:

    Congratulations Andrea! You will be such an asset in the fabric shop.

  5. Janice says:

    Congrats on the new job! Super cute dress as well.

  6. judy says:

    I really like your dress. Looks really cute on you.. Love the fabric you chose..
    Congradulations on your new job.. I am a retired Respiratory therepist..so, have
    always worked in the hospital.. But my dream job, would be in a fabric store..Of
    course, I know, I would never get a paycheck, I would spend it all on fabric.lol.
    Hope you have lots of enjoyment in your new job, and know you will be an asset
    to the store..

  7. prttynpnk says:

    Wow, that store is very fortunate to have an employee who can really. Advise on sizes and grading! It always scares me if I think I know more than the staff! I love your dress!

  8. Isis says:

    What a fun fabric!
    I hope you will enjoy your new work and not take out your salary completely in fabric! 😉

  9. andreahg says:

    Thanks, everyone!

  10. Nessa says:

    OH WOW!!!! It’s you!!! I was just reading an old Colette blog ( http://www.coletterie.com/the-handmade-world/the-great-sewing-blog-roundup ) and you commented on there that you made vintage clothes for the bigger gal, so I was immediately interested and thought I’d click your link, then as I scrolled down to this entry I recognised your photo!!
    I’ve seen your pattern reviews and you’ve inspired me heaps! I had wondered if you had a blog and tried to search for one but to no avail, and now serendipitously here you are! In fact, my next two projects are inspired by you – I’d seen the patterns before but couldn’t visualise what they would look like on me, so I dismissed them as being suited to other people. Your vision and creativity completely opened my eyes up to their potential, and so now I am eager to start on Butterick 5747 and Simplicity 1882 all the way over here in Scotland! Thank you so much for being so inspiring!

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