Ideas and plans

I know I posted a muslin picture recently but it’s on the back burner.  While I have vowed to stop buying vintage sewing patterns, and mostly stuck to it, I have spent all my pin money on knitting stuff.  Um, how did that happen?  I had plans for saving money this month!  It was mostly books that I hope will help me improve my skills so that more knitting will happen.  The end result, however, is that I don’t have money to buy fabric for the dress I was making the muslin for.  Really, it doesn’t matter if it’s vintage patterns or knitting books, this always happens.  I have to get back on the No-Spender-Bender plan!  The dress will have to wait until I’m a bit more flush.

On to my current idea!  Since cutting my hair into a Bettie Bang fringe, I’ve gone back to my original love, the 1950’s.  I’ve also discovered that if styled right, the dreaded skinny jeans can masquerade as 50’s jeans.  Lately, my uniform has become skinny jeans, one of the 40s blouses I made this past summer, cardigan, white ankle socks and saddle shoes.  The only problem is that I have only 4 blouses, all short sleeved, all 1940s.  I thought I had plenty of 50’s blouse patterns, only to discover that I was wrong.  I’m not going to let my pattern diet stop me!  Since I had good luck turning this dress:

into this blouse (and 2 more)

I’m going to try my hand at dress-to-blouse patterns from my 50’s patterns.  Here are a couple dress patterns that have blouse potential:

I see this one in a jersey



About andreahg

I'm a stay-at-home wife and mom to two boys, a cat and two rough collies. I love to sew and knit with vintage patterns, primarly from the WWII era.
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7 Responses to Ideas and plans

  1. PepperReed says:

    Blouses!! This is totally my plan for spring sewing! I love dresses, but don’t really wear them (particularly in winter), so I’ve been looking over tops of dresses to make. If there’s something in particular you’re looking for, check out my flickr set:

    Anne Adams 4664

    and I’ll make a copy of a top for you.

    Also, I’m a long-time knitter, so if you have any ??’s, let me know. :^)

  2. PepperReed says:

    Oh! And where’d you get your saddle shoes? Do you have a fave brand? I’ve been looking for a while but can’t find any locally.

  3. andreahg says:

    You’ve got several that would work as blouses. I love the mail order dress that is used as the set avatar. As for knitting, I want to try my hand at fair isle but the big deal would be to figure out how to enlarge vintage patterns. I have some but they are all single size, for very small sizes. Saddle shoes: they are from Payless that I got online at least 5 years ago. is the place recommended by many in the vintage community and I’m told that if you call them, they’ll help you with sizing. My Payless saddles are getting ready to die, so I’ll be trying when it’s time for new ones.

  4. Debi says: I love blouses! And turning dresses to blouses is the best thing ever! Love these patterns and the blouse is wonderful!

  5. gMarie says:

    What a great idea. From dress to blouses.

    As for the knitting – it’s math from this point forward. You need to figure our your guage, what they want, and then do math – email me I’m happy to help.

    I think I’m getting ready to head into dress territory – if only I had time. I tend to wear skirts all the time, maybe I’ll look at those patterns that were leaving with a new eye before mailing them off. g

  6. June says:

    I bought a VERY similar Iif not the same) cherry pattern fabric a few days ago and that is exactly the style of blouse I had in mind when I bought it. I love your blouse. I looked through my vintage patterns and I don’t have a pattern similar to this. Boo.

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