Two for One

Today, we have two finished items, both of which are part of the planned wardrobe.  The first is my topper, from Butterick 4046.  I love the short length, but I thought it would look silly with the blouses.  It’s in a very soft knit off a mystery/bargain table and is very nice to wear.  I plan on making the shorter length to go with a dress,

The next piece is the blouse from Mail Order 705.  I think I’ve decided that puffy sleeves of any variety don’t work for me.  Otherwise, I love this blouse.  The pattern calls it a “shirt-jacket” but there was nothing in the construction that was different from a regular blouse.


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I'm a stay-at-home wife and mom to two boys, a cat and two rough collies. I love to sew and knit with vintage patterns, primarly from the WWII era.
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7 Responses to Two for One

  1. Inky says:

    i dunno, i rather do love that blouse on you!!

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  3. Patricia says:

    I have to agree with Inky — I don’t think the sleeve looks bad on you at all. Seeing a photo is different than seeing it in person, but I think it is actually rather flattering.

    That said and realize that I think the shape of the blouse overall looks great on you, I think the stripes make you look much, much bustier. Now, I know you are not a flat chested girl, but the stripe bends in the wrong spot — which gives the illusion that the blouse is tight where I know it is not. (If you look at the photo with the topper where you can’t see the stripe bend, you will see it.) Please don’t hurt me.

    Finally, can I ask the question that has been nagging at me since I’ve been reading and following all your clothing photos? Why the iPod for your reveal shots (and perhaps, what are you listening too)?

  4. andreahg says:

    Patricia, that’s interesting. In my head, I hear “stripes are slimming” so I tend to go with a menswear stripe in my classic shirts, but maybe it doesn’t work in a princess seam. In a darted blouse, the stripes don’t change angle as drastically. As for the iPod, I have it on 24/7 (literally, I can’t sleep if it’s not playing) so I don’t even think about whether it’s on or not. As for what I’m listening to, usually during the day, it’s a subscription to the Opie and Anthony Show on XM that is downloadable through

  5. Patricia says:

    Those are those odd questions that go through my mind. I sleep with my iPod too — though it is almost always an audiobook that I can’t seem to put down — so I think that’s totally normal. I just wondered and then it was the “I wonder what she’s listening to that is SO interesting.”

    No, I’m with you, stripes are slimming — when located in the right spots and in the right direction. And menswear stripes are beautiful as is this blouse. (Please don’t think I dislike the blouse, because I don’t). Also you are right, the darts don’t make the stripe itself bend right over the largest spot on the bust. That said, princess seams are also flattering and I think this blouse is a winner, truly. I think it would be dang perfect if that stripe didn’t bend right there.

  6. Jasmine Jolene says:

    i have just found your blog (from FL) and had to comment. i think the puff sleeves look wonderful on you.

    and i just all-round love that shirt. i really must learn how to make shirts!

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