MMM Day 26

I made this skirt yesterday from the skirt of Simplicity 1788 and the blouse is New York 999.  It’s strange that each piece is made from a vintage pattern but the outfit looks completely modern and somewhat boring.  The only thing saving it is the pretty fabric of the skirt.  I’ve tried it with the blouse tucked and untucked but I’m not really happy with either.  I’ve been tossing around the idea of entering the Wardrobe Contest, but every time I try separates, I get disappointed.  Is there a way to make this a more vintage look (don’t mention shoes, they are on the to-buy list already) or should I just stick with dresses?  All the 30’s blouses I’ve tried look great with jeans and wide-legged trousers, but I can’t weat jeans in the summer.


About andreahg

I'm a stay-at-home wife and mom to two boys, a cat and two rough collies. I love to sew and knit with vintage patterns, primarly from the WWII era.
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7 Responses to MMM Day 26

  1. PepperReed says:

    What about making the jeans/wide leg pants into capri or ballet length? I almost never wear shorts, only capri’s (but I’m in MI where its usually a bit cooler). Not sure about the blouse either, other than a funky retro or vintage print.

    • andreahg says:

      I have thick calves and ankles and find capris don’t really suit me. I think I need to keep trying patterns before I decide to jump into the contest. It runs until August 31st, so I have time.

  2. Cinquefoille says:

    I really love the skirt. Again, the shape is lovely and the fabric is so great. I love those fifties type roses. You know, I actually like the way the top looks tucked in because it highlights the waist .

  3. Devongirl says:

    I wonder if the skirt isn’t full enough? I like it, but wonder if the straighter shape makes it look more modern?

    What about linen wide leg trousers? I found some gorgeous ones at
    About half way down the page is:
    1930s Nautical Influence Hollywood Pants Set 8572

  4. jennifer says:

    Maybe its because the jeans etc are solid colors with the tops being lighter or patterned. With the skirts being patterned maybe its because the eye is drawn down instead of up? I think we all have items of clothing we don’t feel so good in. I envy you being able to wear dresses I wish I could.

  5. caroline says:

    I love the outfit personally. I would wear it. I would make the skirt just a tad shorter though myself. And wear some big brightly colored jewelry, but that’s my style.

    I don’t know how you feel about skirt length on yourself, but I think that by going even just a couple of inches shorter, it will make you seem taller which might help with proportions and make it seem somehow more exciting.

  6. nuranar says:

    I’ve finally started following this blog via Google Reader. It’s fascinating, and I love seeing what you’re doing! I’ve got some thoughts on this outfit, since you requested them.

    With a white blouse especially, I see the modern look you’re talking about. I was actually pretty curious about 30s separates myself some time ago, so I did some focused study of my Sears Fashion books. Blouses were either always tucked, or worn long; either way, they were (almost) always belted. You’ve already got a terrific 30s waistline when the blouse is tucked, and I think the blouse is long enough to add a belt if you don’t tuck it. Don’t go too narrow, but it doesn’t need to be wide. You can make one and use a bright vintage buckle.

    In addition to the belt, try a brightly-colored square or triangular scarf; they were everywhere in the catalogs. You could go with a small one knotted around the neck and tucked into the collar, or a large one draped asymetrically and knotted, or a large one tied in the back and with a large brooch. Big colored jewelry is good, either a necklace or brooch. I love earrings, but they don’t seem nearly so common in the 1930s. Particularly with your accessories, go with a color that will give it a 30s punch. Bright yellow, bright green, or orange will all work. Red would be more 40s, and purple or blue or black (or any darker color) will be more 50s. Of course shoes are important, but you know that, and they’re not essential. I think a belt and a bright accessory or two will really give it the 30s vibe without too much trouble.

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