A Week in Feminine Dress

Over at http://forums.sensibility.com, the ladies usually do a seasonal “Week in Feminine Dress”.  This is to encourage and inspire each other to dress like ladies all the time, not just for special occasions.  I thought that this Spring’s WiFD would be a good opportunity to show how I wear my creations on a daily basis.  I am frequently asked if I wear my vintage items to dances or car shows or even just “do you actually wear that?”.  Yes, I do.  I don’t always wear them with my hair and make-up done, or sometimes with very modern shoes.  Sometimes I even mix modern and vintage.

Today’s outfit is a modern New Look dress with a cardigan.


About andreahg

I'm a stay-at-home wife and mom to two boys, a cat and two rough collies. I love to sew and knit with vintage patterns, primarly from the WWII era.
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4 Responses to A Week in Feminine Dress

  1. thesewingjournal says:

    Thank you for posting about the Sense and Sensibility forum. I hadn’t seen it before, and I just love it. Look forward to seeing what you will wear this week.

  2. angie.a says:

    I’m so inspired to try that dress, because yours is adorable and so well fitted! Any tips?

    • andreahg says:

      It only goes up to a (pattern) size 18, so I had to grade up. The other changes I made were a FBA, adding a second dart, instead of making one big underbust dart, which can get rather pointy. I also had to shorten the bodice quite a bit, more than the average petite adjustment. I really like this dress and plan to make more.

  3. Roxanne says:

    Your last several posts have been so great! I’ve been eagerly reading through them and drooling over the lovely patterns.

    The tutorial was wonderful–thank you!

    I’ve yet to try making something for me to wear. The last time I made clothing for myself I was considerably smaller. Your posts are inspiring me to give it a try. If I do get over my fear, I’ll post about it!

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