Butterick 7439

Today, we have Butterick 7439.  According to http://www.cemetarian.com, this pattern was published in 1955.  I’m not quite sure about this one.  While I love the neckline and collar and the bodice fit without any adjustment, I think the skirt is too narrow.  The brown flannel dress has an A-line skirt, too, but I think is flared a bit more.  I also think this dress would look better with a self fabric, skinny belt, but in a rush to clean up prior to having guest, the leftover fabric got thrown out.  I think I make use the bodice again, but with a different skirt.


About andreahg

I'm a stay-at-home wife and mom to two boys, a cat and two rough collies. I love to sew and knit with vintage patterns, primarly from the WWII era.
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6 Responses to Butterick 7439

  1. Jenni says:

    I have just stumbled onto your site from I don’t know where! – sorry but I’ve been surfing and lost track of which sites I was on. Love your work and I think that dress is lovely as it is.

  2. Mae says:

    The collar on this is so nice.

  3. rachel says:

    this is SO flattering on you! good job!

  4. chris says:

    Found your site while reading about Mad Men – very fun to look at all of the old patterns. I know you weren’t too pleased with this one, but I think it’s absolutely beautiful on you! It is very elegant! Both retro and very modern at the same time.

  5. henry says:

    Ohh that is lovely. a very flattering style and a beautiful colour too

  6. Dena says:

    I found you while surfing for vintage pattern grading and I must say, this looks amazing on you!

    I’m trying to learn to sew for the body I have now instead of what I wish I had.

    You’ve given me great hope that me, a bigger girl, can and should look great in styles I love.

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